Corporate Web design

Nowadays having a website for companies, other institutions are not required, but is a necessity in the age of communication, the world of the Internet and Web communication tools such as the most important man in the third millennium. Span access to information a Web site, affordable in comparison with facilities that can provide for your users and also the ability to update and manage it, including the most important features of the Web site design.

The design of the consultation portal to launch exclusive design templates, portals, domain registration, hosting space, including PARS server activities. All corporate Web site features the following is inserted in the

Order with the cost 100,000 RS

Admin Panel
The production and management of menus
The production and management of site pages
Site search engine
Management of video and film download
The possibility to append images to text
Record and view published the text of the
Putting the poll
Link management
Weather status
Often times
Advanced Editor
Photo Gallery and grouping
Question and answer system
Animated texts
The system feeds
Often times
A description of the special pages and keywords SEO
Management, supervisors and management section of the permissions settings
Site map
Animated images for slideshow
The form builder and create the desired form
Corporate website
The most important offices of the organizations and institutions of the country that are in the field of provision of the people’s Government of activity, type of service and the size of the audience requires an organization to provide complete and comprehensive system of services for the design and implementation. Features of the design as well as in the service of the service company.