Colocation Service

Set up a data center (Data Center) with all the features a professional-quality connections to the international network for Internet and National Information Network (Intranet) is very time-consuming and costly, requiring skilled forces to follow up possible problems and technical affairs in this field.
ServerPars Enterprise Colocation services in their data centers with powerful internet links, 10 Gigabit and optical fiber connector in the center, suitable for companies, organizations and individuals to provide your servers with security and stability in Central high maintenance.

Top features of the service..

Quick and easy access

High security data center

Sustainability intranet

Physical access to servers

10G Ethernet port in the country


Terms of Traffic
Free traffic condition in each plan will offer download to upload 1 to 10 in the case of non-compliance with this requirement will not belong to free traffic plan





Space1 Unit2 Unit3 Unit4 Unit
Power1 Ampère2 Ampère3 Ampère4 Ampère
Internal BandWidth1Gbps1Gbps1Gbps1Gbps
External BandWidth100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps
Monthly Free Traffic500GB1000GB1500GB2000GB
Startup Costs (per server)1,000,000 IRR
Monthly1,500,000 IRR3,000,000 IRR4,500,000 IRR6,000,000 IRR
Annually16,500,000 IRR (10%-)33,000,000 IRR (10%-)49,500,000 IRR (10%-)66,000,000 IRR (10%-)
Dedicated IP AddMonthly 70,000 IRR
Each 100 GB of additional traffic - observe the condition of 1 to 10250,000 IRR
Each 100 GB of additional traffic - non-compliance with conditions 1 to 10900,000 IRR
CPanel (Optional) Monthly 3,200,000 IRR
Plesk 30 Domains - Web Pro Edition (Optional)1,500,000 IRR
Plesk Unlimited Domain - Web Host Edition (Optional)3,700,000 IRR
DirectAdmin (Optional)1,500,000 IRR
Bronze PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
Monthly1,000,000 IRR2,000,000 IRR3,000,000 IRR
OS and Control Panel installation
Special Partitions

Special Partitions
Network Support
Webserver Config
Email Config
Backup ConfigPer requestPer requestPer request
100GB Backup Space
Security ConfigHalf ConfigHalf ConfigFull Config
Server CheckPer requestPer request
OS ReinstallationKVM AccessOne Time - KVM AccessUnlimite - KVM Access
Data Trnsfer
Availability Monitoring
KVM2 Hours2 Hours2 Hours
Server Monitoring
VirtuallizationSpecial OSSpecial OS
VM ConfigSpecial OS
Solusvm Access for VMsSpecial OS
Phone Support