Custome Web design

If you need a Web site to which our Web site design plan set or whether the need for a dedicated design and programming of special-purpose, you can use the send us your requests, as soon as you contact the design team, and the necessary help in this area.

Content management systems have extensive facilities and most Web sites can be created by implementing them in this way, the cost of the implementation of the Web site will be lower but if features a content management system meets the needs of you and a special service or want to implement on your site, and have their own proprietary management system you recommend the services of our dedicated programming.
PARS with a server having experienced in various areas of Web design and programming such as html, css, javascript, ajax, php as well as graphics Web Professional, ready to provide services in the most professional and competitive level possible at the international level.

The design of the website templates
Convert PSD to html format is designed
Proprietary programming utilizes php and jQuery and HTML5 and CSS3 and phpcake
Increase the speed of your Web site by taking advantage of special methods such as CSS Sprites