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Please when ordering, please note the following:
* The above prices the price of domain registration is not a definite . In some cases, the original domain registrar for company-specific higher fees suggested that the possibility of registering with typical prices there will be no. In the good or the difference will be getting or order cancellation.
The above domain registration is not automatic and recorded between 24 to 48 hours will require time.
The domain with the name of countries such as Iran, despite the record being released.
The minimum length of each Damien have 3 characters.
All of the domain if the request has a dedicated Control Panel .
In the event that the control panel is a server at PARS damin you responsible for any possible problems does not accept.


 dear user currencies for registration each TLD is IRR and prices are valid for one yearایران



dear user currencies for registration each TLD is IRR and prices are valid for one year
1.asia1,100,000 IRR Description,000 IRR Description
3.se700,000 IRR Description
4.ca650,000 IRR Description
5.co2,250,000 IRR Description
6.de800,000 IRR Description
7.tips1,300,000 IRR Description
8.house1,300,000 IRR Description
9.club1,050,000 IRR Description
10.ru390,000 IRR Description,900,000 IRR Description
12.city1,480,000 IRR Description
13.name540,000 IRR Description
14.aero5,400,000 IRR Description
15.company1,050,000 IRR Description
16.today1,050,000 IRR Description
17.domains1,300,000 IRR Description
18.academy1,300,000 IRR Description
19.systems1,050,000 IRR Description
20.computer1,300,000 IRR Description
21.gallery1,050,000 IRR Description
22.enterprises2,300,000 IRR Description
23.graphics1,050,000 IRR Description
24.photography1,050,000 IRR Description
25.photos1,050,000 IRR Description 1,500,000 IRR Description
26.xyz64,000 IRR Description
Domain registration costs 24 hours support Persian (IDN) is only $ 39900 annually with an extension of com and net. The possibility of the existing registration. for example, the following is an English damin damin.
register co.irdomains Only for registered companies, along with providing the Gazette company registration is possible.
Domain registration, amozshgaha, danshgaha and only for educational institutions are presented along with a valid written request and signed it with the seal of the Institute will be possible. Meanwhile, educational institutions only with the authorization of the higher education register.
Domain registration, only for organizations and governmental organizations, are presented along with a valid written request signed and stamped with the Organization would be possible. domain registration only for ICP/ISP Internet service provider companies have official permission to be recorded.
After sending the order, written request of domain,, send your email to [email protected]
 نام بانک نوع حساب شماره
1بانک ملت--1915908607
2شماره کارتشماره کارت6104-3378-6358-7315
3بانک ملت--IR120120010000001915908607