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High Traffic Hosting

Linux hosting high-traffic sites and most especially for those users that their site is suitable over the size of the server’s Cpu and RAM resources use and shared servers to be able to meet it. this category of sites usually MP3 price sites, Forum, WordPress content management or high daily visitors with Web sites that host special server Linux server with its powerful PARS easily able to provide service to them Respectively.

It is worth noting that the server resources on this server the pars to provide proprietary data and each server on a certain number of closed websites and other server configuration for new customers that it makes centralized management of resources and provide quality to eventually customers will get from the saspand website. If unnoticed, if your current servers respond to you and your visitors a special Linux server hosting PARS. The actual power to choose the concept and the quality of the experience.
The superior characteristics of the service ..

Back-ups daily decisions

24-hour support

Considering that an estimated number of concurrent Web visitors as well as the criterion for determining the usage of your site hosting plan you need about plans for opposing State policies is before you bought the domain name plan and submit it for our information so we will review your site and best hosting plan we offer to you:

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Litespeed Webserver Keep Alive PHP Version 5.2 up to 7.0 MySQL 5.5 R1soft Backup POP3
Zend Guard (Last Version) IonCube (Last Version) Soursguardian (Last Version) GD CURL SOAP

Superior specification host site opposing State policies

R1soft Restore Backup

Back-up system called Idera R1soft company one of the best backup systems of different servers that allow recovery of information by users as well.
The world’s largest companies are using this system and are spending a lot to have been willing to use it, so srorpars is also to maintain higher quality and easier information retrieval by users of the system on their servers to allow users to implement each time that tend to support existing versions of your data recovery made.

PHP language according to their different structural versions and different versions of functions that have been added or removed and needs to have that on the server as well as full support for them.
As CMS on the market with different versions of PHP programming, an srorpars company to support all existing and usable versions for users has to offer on the use of the Web hosting service is the original version of PHP on the server and can not be limited to your Web site to any version that tend to change, the possibility to enable or disable some modules Along with the change in some PHP settings instead of using URphp.ini in the control panel there is a webhost