News site design

اA properly designed site that provides information and daily carried the news a lot. By buying this design can choose one of the available templates and order templates news .
Pars Portal Server, a comprehensive system to create, design and manage online news portals and news agencies are. presentation and circulation of news and features to perfectly fit your needs change system.

Order by Price 75,000 Toman

Intelligent detection of any news with other Community News (News)
Automatically create keyword-based news get news from news sources
Ordering boxes display news on all pages by the user
Intelligent and automatic detection of keywords in texts and news content
History previous record news and restore data to its original state
Send an SMS-based newsletter User Interests
Automatically translated using Google Translator News
Concept based on keyword ads
Set different access levels can be changed and user groups
The image chosen for display in the images Slide Show
Blocking specific IP Content Management System
Define and generate keywords and the pages are optimized for search engines
If the above possibilities to news website is not right for you, you can order custom design your website you need.