Personal Web design

Pay attention to the speed of the development of the Internet world and show the power of the Internet and Web site information in direct contact with the concept of Web site advertising and information dissemination as well as the increasing use of the Internet for people to accelerate the realization of the objectives, hence the need for the introduction of any person or any specialized in this virtual world.

PARS company server by providing appropriate for your presence in the virtual world and its presentation on a personal Web site to keep up with the conditions of the world around you prepared.
Order with the cost 50,000 RS

Some of the features of personal site
Powerful management Panel
The production and management of menus
The production and management of site pages
Site search engine
Management of video and film download
The possibility to append images to text
Record and view published the text of the
Advanced Editor
A description of the special pages and keywords SEO
Administrators access levels management otnzimat management section
Animations for slide show
The form builder and create the desired forms such as the questionnaire and contact form
Classified and photo gallery
Animated texts
In the event that the above facilities to store Web site is not suitable for you, you can order the design of your Web site monitoring required.