Pro Virtual Private Server

Iran Serverpars VPS servers for those users that fit their Web site rated top hits and the consumption of server resources is too common and shared hosting services meet the needs of their Web site. This virtual server by the maker of the country, Xen, France, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands are ready to provide services to you.
Characteristics of the service ..

The possibility to send an email

Unsupported servers

render other operating systems the possibility of loading the iso in order to change the Windows operating systems provide

vps-pro-ticoVPS-1-ProOrder Windows
VPS-2-ProOrder Windows
VPS-3-ProOrder Windows
CPU1 Core1 Core1 Core
HDD Space40GB80GB150GB
Monthly Traffic2 TB4 TB6 TB
Email Access ports
Monthly780,000 IRR990,000 IRR1,500,000 IRR
Network Connection1Gbps/Iran1Gbps/Iran1Gbps/Iran
Private Panel
Additional Memory (Per 512MB)
40،000 IRR
Additional Hard Disk (Per 50GB)200,000 IRR
Additional Traffic (Per 100GB)300،000 IRR
Additional Core150،000 IRR
Directadmin (Optional)900,000 IRR900,000 IRR900,000 IRR
CPanel (Optional)1,200,000 IRR1,100,000 IRR
Plesk Unlimited Domain - Web Host Edition (Optional)2,300,000 IRR2,100,000 IRR
Plesk 30 Domains - Web Pro Edition1,300,000 IRR1,200,000 IRR
 Simple Plan
Bronze PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
MonthlyFree1,000,000 IRR2,000,000 IRR3,000,000 IRR
OS and Control Panel installation
With Special Partitions

With Special Partitions
Hardware Support
Network Support
Webserver Config
Email Config
Backup ConfigPer requestPer requestPer request
100GB Additional Backup Space
Security ConfigHalf ConfigHalf ConfigFull Config
Server CheckPer requestPer request
OS ReinstallationKVM AccessOne Time - KVM AccessUnlimite - KVM Access
Data Transfer
Availability Monitoring
KVMPer request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)
Server Monitoring
VirtuallizationSpecial OSSpecial OS
Virtual Server ConfigSpecial OS
Solusvm AccessSpecial OS
Phone Support