Shop Website Design

Perfect for prestigious brands, stores and allowed the major players, to make and sell products provided in the context of the Internet. This package is generally for those who intend to sell their products for VoIP and set up a virtual store, is suitable.
This package is to introduce and sell the products, orders, reports, shopping, compare products, news releases related to the fields of activity of the appropriate store, and generally includes: products, shopping cart, featured products, Sun products, Panel connect to Bank, shop, order/purchase history page online, photo gallery, contact us, about us, site map.
Order with a cost of RS 100,000

The lack of a time limit the use of the system
The possibility of creating a category of goods for unlimited
Possibility to create goods unlimited
Possibility to view logs in an arbitrary interval sales chart
The use of AJAX technology
The possibility of a full backup of the data
The possibility of creating an invoice and print it
Possibility to buy through download
Storage functionality
Simple filter module categories
The security system to prevent the arrival of hacker-bot
Possibility of payment by the Bank the nation’s port
Change back the Grand department store
Introducing the newest advertising any brand
Special sale product
In the event that the above facilities to store Web site is not suitable for you, you can order the design of your Web site monitoring required.