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SSL Security Certificates

Secure your world today and make better environment for your customer, over than 10 years of experience in providing a variety of security certificates for domains international and national(.IR) domains

Iran Dedicated Server

We are welcome all national and international organization to enjoy our unique dedicated server experience, stable backbone in Iran at affordable prices, with world class rackmount servers

Virtual Dedicated Server(SSD)

Virtual dedicated servers or VSD small sample of dedicated server, are provided with specific resources and SSD drive offers better quality over the virtual servers (VPS)

Iran Linux Host

The most reliable hosting platform for those who are going to host PHP, Perl and html website, If you have customers in Iran and you are looking to host your site to the nearest location in Iran with the minimum latency.

Now with SSD drives and unlimited bandwidth

15% discount if you purchase annually and we have 30% discount on triannually purchases

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host-linux-iran-ticoBiston Order

Starting At350,000 IRR/py


Starting At​420,000 IRR/py


Starting At​650,000 IRR/py

Silver UnlimitedOrder

Starting At​990,000 IRR/py

Gold UnlimitedOrder

Starting At​1,800,000 IRR/py

Disk space50MB100MB500MBUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly TrafficUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Annually​390,000 IRR490,000 IRR890,000 IRR1,290,000 IRR​2,500,000 IRR
Biennially (Per Year)380,000 IRR (-15%)450,000 IRR (-15%)760,000 IRR (-15%)1,090,000 IRR (-15%)​2,000,000 IRR (-15%)
Triennially (Per Year)350,000 IRR (-30%)420,000 IRR (-30%)650,000 IRR (-30%)990,000 IRR (-30%)​1,800,000 IRR (-30%)

Iran Windows host

Iran on their servers.
Windows Iran’s Pars server equipped with the latest technology hardware, software, and in the host Grdd.systm of this is our homeland, Windows Server 2012, and all components of programming languages asp,, … the supports. In fact, this is all your needs are high as a programmer.

Unlimited bandwidth and ability to provide a specific request

Equipped SSD drive and unlimited bandwidth

15% discount on the purchase of two-year and three-year 30% on the purchase of service

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host-win-iran-ticoBistonOrder (Location Iran)

Starting At350,000IRR/py

Parseh Order (Location Iran)

Starting At​420,000IRR/py

PasargadOrder (Location Iran)

Starting At​650,000IRR/py

Silver UnlimitedOrder (Location Iran)

Starting At​​990,000IRR/py

Gold UnlimitedOrder (Location Iran)

Starting At​1,800,000IRR/py

Disk Space50MB100MB500MBUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Traffic1GB2GB5GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Annually390,000 IRR490,000 IRR890,000 IRR1,290,000 IRR​2,500,000 IRR
Biennially (Per Year)380,000 IRR (-15%)450,000 IRR (-15%)760,000 IRR (-15%)1,090,000 IRR (-15%)​2,000,000 IRR (-15%)
Triennially (Per Year)350,000 IRR (-30%)420,000 IRR (-30%)650,000 IRR (-30%)990,000 IRR (-30%)1,800,000 IRR (-30%)

Iran Virtual Server

Serverpars Virtual servers outside of Iran is ideal for those users who have visited their website up And consume server resources are shared too common, and not the needs of their website.This virtual server by making Xen from Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands to provide services to you.

Sending Email

24 Hours Support

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vps-iran-ticoIR-2Order Windows
IR-3Order Windows
IR-4Order Windows
CPU1 Core1 Core1 Core
HDD Space40GB80GB150GB
Monthly Traffic150GB200GB250GB
Monthly790,000 IRR1,500,000 IRR2,500,000 IRR

Iran Dedicated Server

The lowest latency to deliver your content to Iranian visitors, Thanks to our robust datacenters to provide us such reliable network and lowest ping latency in Iran, The best offer for national and international organizations to serve their customers in Iran and Middle east.
All servers are fully supported and managed by the us, for further information please visit our support plans(extra fees may apply).

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server-dedicated-iran-ticoDedicated-01 Order





CPUE3-1230E3-1230E3-1240 v2E5-2430E5-2430
HDD Space2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB
Monthly Traffic500GB500GB800GB800GB1TB
Setup fee1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR
Monthly4,500,000 IRR5,800,000 IRR6,500,000 IRR8,400,000 IRR11,700,000 IRR

Iran Linux Reseller Hosting

Serverpars Iran Linux resellery by providing powerful control panel cPanel you,Enabling management of all your resources are services such as create and control your own hosting collection and distribution of various resources such as e-mail, the space, the bandwidth and… Completely puts at your disposal.

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reseller-host-linux-iran-ticoRS-1 Order

Starting At190,000IRR/pm


Starting At260,000IRR/pm


Starting At380,000 IRR/pm


Starting At575,000IRR/pm


Starting At760,000IRR/pm

Disk space2GB4GB10GB20GB40GB
Monthly Traffic40GB60GB80GB120GB200GB
Monthly230,000 IRR320,000 IRR460,000 IRR690,000 IRR920,000 IRR
Annually2,300,000 IRR3,200,000 IRR4,600,000 IRR6,900,000 IRR9,200,000 IRR