Windows Reseller hosting

Representing the host Windows Server is a powerful Website Control Panel with Pars to present Panel gives you the possibility of managing all your hosting services resources, such as the creation of your own hosting set of control and distribution of various resources, such as email, the amount of space, bandwidth, etc. Entirely at your disposal. An interesting feature of this Panel offers the possibility of representing the host by a representative of the srorpars. having host agent Server service will be able to barking, no hassle hosting their third commercial work and has launched a host of high-quality services to you.
Windows hosting reseller plans in other cases with the exception of the space and unlimited bandwidth and all the Windows Mail are completely.
Thus by paying extremely low cost per month, your hosting service commissioning and management of all the Affairs of your server, including security and update the pars to the server.

reseller-host-win-iran-ticoRSwin-1 Order

Starting At300,000 IRR/pm


Starting At450,000IRR/pm


Starting At530,000 IRR/pm


Starting At750,000IRR/pm


Starting At910,000IRR/pm

Disk space2GB5GB10GB20GB30GB
Monthly Traffic10GB30GB40GB60GB100GB
Monthly360,000 IRR540,000 IRR640,000 IRR900,000 IRR1,100,000 IRR
Annually3,600,000 IRR5,400,000 IRR6,400,000 IRR9,000,000 IRR11,000,000 IRR
host-reseller-percent-ticoHost Other Services
Purchase 2 to 10 Host or Server15%5%
Purchase 11 to 25 Host or Server25%10%
Purchase Over 26 Host or Server35%15%