Terms and conditions of the contract in the pars Server

Date last updated: 1394/09/22

The user accepts full responsibility for any information, the files, files and other items that are placed within your site, with her own and extent of any notice in this regard is not srorpars. The launch of the Web site or the servers on the violation of the law and to sropars porn.

The applicant also shall be committed that all domestic and international rights laws, writing in their observance of the site, and the Internet for harassment of other users, dstkari and email links to influence, any illicit use of your email address and other similar cases to withdrawal, any violation of the type of use of the services will be subject to the law of e-commerce.

Please click to view the text of the law of e-commerce.

Srorpars to contact the users needs, that has always been the specifications set forth in the order form, such as e-mail, phone calls and the location of the address you have provided. Therefore, it is necessary that the applicant in the event of a change in your profile, the new items as soon as possible to inform on srorpars
Otherwise no srorpars responsible in this respect does not accept..

Srorpars to the main section of the user profile change security information, such as name, surname, email and some other important morad and blocked only with valid documents from the user, these changes can be done only by the company’s srorpars

With the exception of some services such as dedicated servers or services that there is a need to set up all the service automatically and instantaneously delivered and if there is any possible disruption in the process of creating the services is bound to srorpars up to 24 hours after you pay the Bills than to fix the problem and service delivery action

  • Maturity date extended from forecast services to users by email and create invoice will be notified that the procedure for the removal of the service will be as follows srorpars and obligation towards the maintenance of the information after a specified period of time. dedicated servers: 24 hours
    Virtual servers: 5 days
    The monthly Web hosting service: 7 days
    The annual Web hosting services: 30 days
  • The possibility of providing a backup after a blockage due to lack of extension service there will be no and only if the extension of the possibility of providing backup service there will be, therefore, before extending from its back-up copies be informed there. .

24-72 hour PARS from server after ordering your deposit and the second by second, you have to be registered in relation to the extent of informing, but delay in getting Name server set for.
Given that the domains with the extension to the name of the owner of the Nick in the ir site rating service (users) must be registered before the user purchase has a dedicated Panel smell and your registered nick or a handle, and then register the domain on behalf of approved and official website domain registration request to the financial sector announced.
If you send the wrong address due to the second server’s Pars to be blocked. Therefore, users are obliged to observe the law always ICANN and its second information correct and up to date the maintenance
1. in accordance with that of the national domain, with the extension. irدر site is registered in the name of Nick yourself must record, Nick Handel and so be sure to follow up with the necessary domain asthopt the official website of ir to confirm the registration of the domain URدامنهwww.nic. in the event that your system documentation and application of the nick you don’t provide evidence or any reason to be the responsibility of the non-free domain domain name registration you will be responsible for

2. to register domains with the extension. co.ir, org.ir, ac.ir and net.ir require the ID for this domain is if the domains after the payment automatically is not the responsibility of the registration you will be

3. to extend the scope of the national srorpars agency placement ID fa2918-irnic whois on the financial and technical interface before paying invoice is an essential extension is otherwise not renew domains automatically. Liability expires or locking the domain to you.

3. to extend the extensions. you should co 2 days prior to the expiration date of action to extend the domain if the domain of the later time to renew your domain and delete should be a high fee to pay off the ریستور domain or contemplate that the scope for the free registration and register again.
4. when registering on the server phone number and your zip code Pars to enter correct otherwise international domains at the moment of registration and not have to be manually recorded, which can be time consuming and if in the meantime the domain you registered by someone else the responsibility of you.

5. in the case of domains with the extension. ca that corresponds to a Canadian citizen or any extension that corresponds to a particular country is providing the right information from the person a citizen of that country is essential, otherwise the lack of responsibility to your domain name registration.

6. the server 24 to 72 hours of PARS after the second order and deposit your desired by you, the second to be recorded in respect of the extent of baashtbah, but kills entering the domain name registration by you and delay in getting set up for server Name.

  • It is generally the responsibility of the backup of the data and files with your buyers and all buyers must backup all data required in your company’s servers somewhere other than the equipment and maintenance.
  • In the event of any problem, and the lack of the ability to restore data from backups is archived will not be any protest and the company is not responsible to any in this field and made only more sure of the babat srorpars will be prepared.
  • Back-up of the sites where it has been more than 10 GB will not be done and such sites must be individually prepared to your back-up.
  • The responsibility of taking backups in virtual and dedicated servers services solely the responsibility of the buyer and their participation in this field assumes no responsibility.
  • All backups on local access is maintained outside of the buyer’s obligation towards the company is offering free data in its archives to the buyer does not.
Funds deposit to the account according to law and guarantee the return of the cost of providing a convincing reason is refundable. Outside of the law is by no means the cost is not recoverable if the reason for the return is not the amount of the fee for a convincing srorpars accruing to any way, you will not be back.
• Monthly service fee on the return only up to 24 hours after the purchase of the service is possible.
• Annual service fee on the back and up to 7 days after the purchase is possible.
• Extended service fee money back are not possible and return the funds just for the new order is considered.
• In case of ordering additional services including Web design, SMS Panel and allow the return of cost of the line and cancel the service.
• The possibility of a return of the cost of the damage to the server in the form of getting any kind of pars, including DDOS attack, Hack, excessive use of resources and. .. Will not be returned when the amount of the Commission fee of bodedr online payment the buyer account transfer fee + service between 7-10 working days after the accounting process will deposit

• earn money after approved for 15 days and after they reach the total income to be at least 20 thousand RS available will be picked.
• Any improper use of the marketing system includes a cheat, defraud or mislead leads to the non-activation of the account will earn.
• Srorpars no responsibility for websites that have banner ads placed on its srorpars screen shot.
• Note that the right to earn money for referring visitors and sales and if you have any other way to make money from placing banner in website, includes the right to earn money this is not system.
• All Web sites before the funds are checked as well as the history of the site is also accessible from our side. In fact, we can see how we do on the banner on your site, or not so please observe honesty in business income.
• You are allowed to use the system to earn money for your order by.
• If you earn account disabled, no right to earn money, including previous marketing right to you.
• Any misuse of the system make money makes you earn account blocked.
• The right to earn money just to make a new order and will not be included the next courses .
• of, or misuse of the servers resources (CPU, RAM, Space, Bandwidth) on shared hosting has limited which includes the nahadood service will also be.
• Use of Leech-like to get your RapidLeech etc that destroy or use too much of the server resources are not allowed and the user access cut off without notice.
• The maximum amount of use each service of the server resources (CPU and RAM) to 25% of a CPU core at the moment and 2 percent of the total CPU and database for an average day.
• Launch any upload Center or Download Center Download Center such as photos, music, movies to the public on a shared hosting server if the number of requests allowed and connection too is forbidden and if you see no notice account will be suspended. To launch such services you must be hosting the virtual server for use or download.
• The plan provided only for hosting your site and you may not use the shared hosting plan as a Backup Server, or File Server in order to use the file maintenance.
Given that the launch of the online chat systems need to quickly send and receive requests and also the number of the top of the request to the server. The launch of any chat system has been prohibited on shared servers and tightly follow. Srorpars is a Web site that does not observe the rules listed can block without any previous warning.
The number of authorized to send email for each account number in a maximum of 100 hours and 1000 PCs per day and use any promotional e-mail or newsletter post script against the rules and would lead to the obstruction of the service without notice.

All the price of the site update and new tariffs in order to inform the user of the Web server, you must always check the pars. In accordance with the exchange rate being the variable cost of the server and the license update.

Srorpars assumes no liability for data backup dedicated servers providing software support even and only if this is the case of the receiving user is the cost of this will be a separate action in normal mode and prepare backup will be responsibility of the buyer.
If the buyer does not have the possibility to support your server is only in the case of pay and providing software support for the kind of hourly or monthly from the technical experts to review the action that will be in the field with a definite fix disclaim the problem in time there will be no announcement.
In the event of a hardware problem is lack of access to the server which causes the buyer is obliged to inform the company’s technical department will be notified after the track towards solving the problem of will and action in the event of a defective piece will need replacing.

The company srorpars for the full protection of the purchaser is responsible for the personal information and the right to use and provide to third parties and not only judicial warrant if you receive error user profile work according to legal necessity at the discretion of the judicial authority will be placed.
The information contained in the Whois of the domain being visible to the public because of this will be no exception.
Srorpars services according to the specifications stated on the page of any offered service and disclaim on the field with the full fix will require users.
Srorpars any damage under any circumstances for potential problems, including problems with the hardware, the software and. .. That led to the removal of the information users will be paid according to the SLA and the company rate of double the time definite service extended time will be added.
The ceiling of damages proven by reference to the difference between the buyer fixes a maximum for each service is equivalent to the cost paid for the same service would be srorpars no responsibility for compensation in excess of the amount of this.
Srorpars may at any time without notice change this in the context of the establishment and all users srorpars with payment of invoice or membership on the site, you accept the rules srorpars and does not need to obtain the signature of the buyer will not be entered into the srorpars and all losses of the user to any non-compliance by a country of laws, including the insertion of content filtering, pornography, cyber-attacks, hacking and. .. It will be the responsibility of the user and srorpars can be attributed without any previous warning to discontinue access or failure to provide services, or provide a written or oral order of the judicial authorities.
The applicant also shall be committed that all domestic and international rights laws, writing in their observance of the site, and the Internet for harassment of other users, dstkari and email links to influence, any illicit use of your email address and other similar cases to withdrawal, any violation of the type of use of the services will be subject to the law of e-commerce Please click to view the text of the law of e-commerce

You are bound to that extent most of the up to 72 hours after ordering any Web hosting plan or record the second sum is payable to the Fund account and the server informed PARS. Otherwise your order will be cancelled.

Please check the desired cost to one of the following accounts (Ali Mehrabiyan) deposit.





Space1 Unit2 Unit3 Unit4 Unit
Power1 Ampère2 Ampère3 Ampère4 Ampère
Internal BandWidth1Gbps1Gbps1Gbps1Gbps
External BandWidth100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps
Monthly Free Traffic500GB1000GB1500GB2000GB
Startup Costs (per server)1,000,000 IRR
Monthly1,500,000 IRR3,000,000 IRR4,500,000 IRR6,000,000 IRR
Annually16,500,000 IRR (10%-)33,000,000 IRR (10%-)49,500,000 IRR (10%-)66,000,000 IRR (10%-)