Iran Dedicated Server

Iran dedicated Server

The service speed and security for those users who have visited their website and other services to meet the needs of the real high not to bring them binding site.
The appropriate server to host organizations and government agencies with regard to the existence of such security in order to put the server in our beloved homeland.
At the moment this service from our beloved homeland Iran’s Pars server at your disposal, and all servers are fully supported and managed by the company
Technical team Pars server power management server will give it to youAnd dedicated server you set up in every field according to your liking and for security, speed, power fully guaranteed,You can also use GSM server software full management service (this service will be a separate fee).

Top features of the service..

Quick and easy access

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CPUE3-1230E3-1230 v3E5-2620 v4E5-2620 v42xE5-2620 v4
HDD Space2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB2x1TB
Monthly TrafficUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Setup fee1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR1,000,000 IRR
Monthly5,000,000 IRR7,000,000 IRR15,000,000 IRR16,500,000 IRR21,000,000 IRR
Processor Core4/8t6/12t8/16t16/32t20/40t
Network Connection500Mbps500Mbps500Mbps500Mbps500Mbps
Root Access
Windows Server 2012 (Optional)1,180,000 IRR
cPanel (Optional)3,600,000 IRR
Directadmin (Optional)1,500,000 IRR
Plesk Unlimited Domain - Web Host Edition (Optional)3,900,000 IRR
Plesk 30 Domains - Web Pro Edition (Optional)2,000,000 IRR
 Simple Plan
Bronze PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
MonthlyFree1,000,000 IRR2,000,000 IRR3,000,000 IRR
OS and Control Panel installation
With Special Partitions

With Special Partitions
Hardware Support
Network Support
Webserver Config
Email Config
Backup ConfigPer requestPer requestPer request
100GB Additional Backup Space
Security ConfigHalf ConfigHalf ConfigFull Config
Server CheckPer requestPer request
OS ReinstallationKVM AccessOne Time - KVM AccessUnlimite - KVM Access
Data Transfer
Availability Monitoring
KVMPer request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)Per request (2 Hours)
Server Monitoring
VirtuallizationSpecial OSSpecial OS
Virtual Server ConfigSpecial OS
Solusvm AccessSpecial OS
Phone Support